Experiential Learning

Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County offers our students unique experiences where they get to see a glimpse into their future firsthand through our Experiential Learning offerings. These programs offer hands-on, real life experiences in collaboration with community partners and volunteers.

A Look Back at the 2020-2021 school year:

JA Inspire Virtual

Inspire is a dynamic, interactive online career fair simulation that will introduce students to a cross-section of high-demand jobs available to them in the future, from skilled trades to highly technical STEM related careers and beyond. Businesses and schools, led by JA of Greater Fairfield County, will help students learn about careers and industries, while building their future workforce. The program inspires students to learn more about the skills needed for the in-demand jobs, connect their own interests with different industries and careers, and strengthens their understanding of the education requirements for specific careers.


Virtual Finance Park

Students are introduced to personal financial planning through a series of interactive lessons. The students then apply those skills in an online interactive simulation to create a budget based on a life and career scenarios. We are currently looking for high schools to participate in the program this spring.  This program meets CT math requirements.

STEM Summit: in partnership with the Discovery Museum

90-minute virtual program that includes interactive planetarium exploration and a hands-on solar system activity, in conjunction with JA programming. This program will be available to select 5th grade classrooms.

#Bizday: in partnership with People’s United Bank and Pullman Comley LLC

25 girls from Central High School in Bridgeport will take part in a leadership summit and mentoring program. There will be a variety of topics covered, including networking, budgeting/saving, and interviewing. A panel of women in leadership positions will share their personal journeys as well. Students will have one-on-one mentors to help them with school and career planning.


JA Entrepreneur Mindset: in partnership with Sacred Heart University and Webster Bank

Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County is excited to announce a series of virtual workshops, in partnership with Sacred Heart University and Webster Bank. This is open to all High School students that are interested in learning more about being an entrepreneur or educators that are teaching a business, entrepreneurship, or finance class/afterschool program. Select one or more of any of the exciting workshops we will be offering through the end of the school year. Topics include foundations of entrepreneurship, design thinking, financing a small business, and more.


Previous JA Experiences:

Microsoft LinkedIn Workshops

JA Microsoft LinkedIn Workshops is a one-hour seminar that familiarizes students with creating a thorough and engaging LinkedIn profile along with strategies for building their personal brand. By the end of the workshop, participants will have been exposed to the key elements of an effective profile and to several strategies to build their personal brand on LinkedIn.

Financial Literacy Night

Students, along with their immediate family members, spend a few hours learning together about financial literacy, career pathways and entrepreneurship through established JA programs. Volunteers also share their personal journeys and experiences.

Stock Market Challenge

The Junior Achievement Student Stock Market Challenge is a technology-based simulation of the stock market in which every 60 seconds represents a day of trading. Beginning with a hypothetical account balance of $500,000, student teams compete to accumulate the highest possible net worth in their investment portfolio by the close of trading. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce!

Business Challenge

By Utilizing Junior Achievement’s high school business simulation Titan™ program, the JA Business Challenge places high school students in the CEO’s seat. Young entrepreneurs are taught in an engaging way about the nuances of running a business in a competitive, high-tech marketplace. Student teams strategize to operate the most successful virtual business as they develop skills in teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking. Success depends on how well they manage their company’s key decisions (Price, Production, R&D, Marketing, Capital Investment and Charitable Giving). Companies (teams) are challenged to outperform the competition in profit, sales and market share.

More information!

For more information on JA’s experiential learning offerings, please contact Jennifer Murphy-Pitcher, Program Impact Leader, at jmurphy-pitcher@jagfc.org.