This past November, we celebrated National Entrepreneurship Month with some of our elementary and high school students with various activities surrounding entrepreneurship. Our elementary school students were introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship. They put their thinking caps on and thought about ideas for a business, the tools and materials they would need to get started, what they wanted to call their business, and then got to design their storefront!

Our high school students viewed recorded videos from local entrepreneurs, where they explained their path to starting their own business. From there, the students reviewed these videos and reflected on characteristics of an entrepreneur and which of those they saw throughout those videos. Here is what some of our high school students had to say:

“After watching the 3 videos, I am more interested in becoming an entrepreneur because it proved that it is a serious job, but it can also be a really fun thing to do.  They all started off at the bottom and rose to the top.  That just goes to show that with hard work, anyone can get to where they want to be.” – Maya G., Shelton HS Student

“I believe I am more inclined to pursue entrepreneurship because I see the experience these entrepreneurs had and it brings me excitement.  The uncertainty and dedication you need in order for your work to be successful is inspiring.  The constant challenges which you need to overcome keeps you always on the edge of your seat.  These videos just helped convince me more that I have a passion for entrepreneurship and I truly believe this will be in my future.” – Jennie W., Shelton HS Student

I am surprisingly more inclined to pursue entrepreneurship after viewing the videos that I did. It’s a feeling within me, and I can’t quite pinpoint why exactly I feel that way. If I had to guess, it is because I saw real entrepreneurs, and I got to see how they differ from each other and more importantly, how they are similar. I also feel like I share some similarities with the entrepreneurs, so perhaps I am more capable than I previously thought of being a successful businessman. Also, seeing Wilder Rumpf’s video made me feel like I am more capable of being an entrepreneur because of how young he is. Also, he was able to start his company while still in college, so maybe if I work hard enough, I will be able to do the same.” – Theo A., Fairchild Wheeler Student

To check out these entrepreneur career speaker videos, click here.

Congratulations to Maya G. (Shelton), Shannon L. (Shelton), Dominic D. (Shelton), and Theo A. (Bridgeport) on winning our raffle!