Community Partners

Why Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement knows how to help kids meet the challenges ahead of them. Through interactive in-class, after school and enrichment programs; positive volunteer mentors; and a curriculum aligned with CT educational standards, Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County Inc. has a global reach with a local impact. A recent JA Alumni study revealed that JA students are 30% more likely to have a 4-year degree than the general population; start companies at higher rates than their peers; incur less debt than their peers; and secure employment at higher rates than their peers.

At Junior Achievement, we believe that every child deserves a chance at a bright future. Together with our supporters, we can make learning relevant to every student’s future by turning “I can’t” into “I can”.

“The kids are learning fundamental financial skills that will be with them throughout their lives. I am so proud to be a part of this exciting program, sparking entrepreneurial interest in children as young as 8 years old!”

Sandy Capellaro

JA Volunteer

Financial Support and Sponsorships

Sponsorship of a School ($50 per student – up to $20,000 for a whole school)

Research reveals that 20% of US students will not complete high school on time and earn a diploma. In CT cities like Bridgeport, that figure is 33%. Half of high school dropouts say they left school because their classes were boring and not relevant to their lives or career aspirations. Junior Achievement provides skills to succeed – by bridging the educational gap and providing students with the role models and experiential learning they need to be successful in preparation for an unknown job market and rapidly evolving economy.

Out of Classroom Programs (Sponsorships begin at $2,500)

JA programs don’t only occur in the classroom. Opportunities like JA Job Shadow, JA Innovation Day, Career Day, and Financial Literacy Month programs give students a different perspective, access to our volunteer role models, and give our Corporate Partners a chance to support the experiential nature of our programs.

Signature Special Events (Sponsorships range from $500 – $20,000)

Hall of Fame

(NOVEMBER) Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County inaugurated the Free Enterprise Hall of Fame in 1977 to recognize area business leaders who personify the ideals of free enterprise and who therefore are role models for the students we serve. Continuing that tradition, our current honorees are outstanding individuals who demonstrate business excellence, vision, and innovation, inspiring leadership, and community-mindedness.

Business Challenge

(MARCH) Young entrepreneurs are taught in an engaging way about the nuances of running a global business in a competitive, high-tech marketplace. Student teams strategize to operate the most successful virtual business as they develop skills in teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking.


(SPRING) A great opportunity to get together with co-workers, family and friends to have fun or for a team building event; while supporting a worthy cause.

Stock Market Challenge

(APRIL) This brings the excitement of Wall Street to Fairfield County during Financial Literacy Month! Local high school students will be able to participate in the excitement of a “mock” trading floor to gain an understanding of the financial world by making decisions, analysis of those decisions and plan ahead for a successful trading day.

Golf Tournaments

(JUNE & SEPTEMBER) Junior Achievement’s Annual Golf Invitational relies on generous sponsorships to raise the necessary revenue to deliver our free JA education programs to students and schools.

Return on Investment

Partnering with Junior Achievement is an excellent way to promote your corporate social responsibility goals while making a lasting impact. We offer a variety of outlets for giving, and your employees can participate in our mutual goal of increasing financial literacy, college/career preparedness, and entrepreneurial skills while strengthening whole communities. JA has worked with corporations of all sizes to build customized partnerships that allow them to give back to communities through:

  • Employee volunteering in the classroom
  • Financial support
  • Event and program sponsorships
  • In-kind product or service donations

In addition, you will receive a wealth of benefits, including:


Depending on level of support, JA Partners may be:

  • Listed in quarterly and annual JA publications
  • Noted as a funding partner in online areas
  • Able to highlight JA sponsorships in their internal publications and website
  • Recognized at school or event
  • Mentioned in press releases related to sponsored program
  • Recognized across JAGFC social media pages
  • Invited to speak at event

Employee Retention and Relations

Studies show that employees working for companies supporting philanthropic causes feel a strong sense of loyalty to the company. Employees further develop critical interpersonal skills, including facilitation, presentation, giving feedback, teamwork and leadership skills. Employees obtain personal satisfaction by helping young people succeed.

Community Image

Studies show that consumers have a more positive image of companies aligned with a cause. JA’s image is clean, positive, inspirational and appealing. We represent children and their future, and our history of success in business and education has solidified our position as the number one delivery channel for business education programs in the world. Through your support of JA, you will realize a positive association with an organization that is recognized as the expert in economics, business and free enterprise education.

Personal Satisfaction

By supporting JA, you are helping local children to be better educated about how the real world works and to be inspired to become productive citizens in our community.